What Does A Party Wall Surveyor Do?

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What Does A Party Wall Surveyor Do?

A party wall surveyor is a professional who specialises in matters related to the Party Wall Act. Their primary role is to ensure that the provisions of the Act are followed and to assist property owners in resolving disputes that may arise in relation to party walls, boundaries, and adjacent properties. Here are some key tasks and responsibilities of a party wall surveyor:

1. Providing Expert Advice: Party wall surveyors are knowledgeable about the Party Wall Act and related regulations. They offer guidance to property owners, explaining their rights and obligations under the Act and helping them understand the implications of proposed construction work on party walls and adjoining properties.

2. Serving Party Wall Notices: A surveyor can assist the building owner by preparing and serving the required party wall notices to the affected adjoining owners. These notices inform the adjoining owners about the proposed construction work and their rights to either consent to the work or dissent and appoint their own surveyor.

3. Resolving Disputes: If there is a disagreement or dispute between the building owner and the adjoining owner(s), a party wall surveyor acts as an impartial mediator. They work to resolve conflicts by facilitating discussions, considering the concerns of all parties, and finding mutually agreeable solutions.

4. Assessing the Impact of Construction Work: Party wall surveyors inspect the properties involved to assess the potential impact of the proposed construction work. They may conduct condition surveys and prepare reports documenting the existing condition of the party walls and adjoining properties before the work begins. This helps establish a baseline for assessing any damage caused by the construction work.

5. Preparing Party Wall Awards: When an agreement is reached between the parties involved or when a dispute arises, party wall surveyors prepare a legally binding document known as a Party Wall Award. This document outlines the rights, responsibilities, and requirements of all parties, ensuring that the construction work proceeds in compliance with the Party Wall Act.

6. Conducting Site Inspections: Throughout the construction process, party wall surveyors may conduct site inspections to ensure that the work is being carried out in accordance with the agreed-upon specifications and that any necessary precautions are taken to minimise the impact on adjacent properties.

7. Providing Expert Testimony: In case of legal disputes or court proceedings related to party wall matters, party wall surveyors may provide expert testimony based on their professional knowledge and experience.

It’s important to note that each party wall surveyor may have their own specific approach and style of working, but their primary aim is to facilitate communication, protect the interests of all parties involved, and ensure compliance with the Party Wall Act throughout the construction process.