Should Someone Appoint An Agreed surveyor?

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Should Someone Appoint An Agreed surveyor?

In certain situations, it may be beneficial for both the building owner and the adjoining owner(s) to appoint an agreed surveyor. An agreed surveyor is a single surveyor who acts impartially on behalf of all parties involved in a party wall dispute. Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to appoint an agreed surveyor:

1. Cost-effectiveness: Engaging an agreed surveyor can be cost-effective compared to appointing separate surveyors for each party. By sharing the cost of a single surveyor, both the building owner and the adjoining owner(s) can potentially save on surveyor fees.

2. Streamlined process: The involvement of an agreed surveyor can simplify the process by eliminating the need for multiple surveyors representing different parties. This can help expedite the resolution of disputes and streamline the overall party wall process.

3. Impartiality: An agreed surveyor is required to act impartially, ensuring fair treatment and consideration of the interests of all parties involved. This can help foster a cooperative and neutral environment for resolving disputes and reaching mutually agreeable solutions.

4. Shared expertise: By appointing an agreed surveyor, both parties can benefit from the surveyor’s expertise and knowledge in party wall matters. The agreed surveyor can provide guidance, interpret the Party Wall Act provisions, and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

However, it is important to note that appointing an agreed surveyor is not always suitable or necessary for every party wall situation. In some cases, where there are significant conflicts or differing interests between the building owner and the adjoining owner(s), it may be more appropriate for each party to appoint their own surveyor to represent their individual interests.

Ultimately, the decision to appoint an agreed surveyor or separate surveyors depends on the specific circumstances, the complexity of the project, and the willingness of all parties to work collaboratively. It is advisable to consult with a party wall specialist or seek legal advice to determine the most appropriate approach for your particular party wall dispute.