We offer professional party wall services, including Schedule of Condition Reports, Party Wall Agreements/Awards, serving Party Wall Notices, and dispute resolution. With experienced surveyors and fixed fees, trust us to handle your party wall matters. Contact us for free impartial advice. We are Members of both the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors and also Members of The Pyramus and Thisbe Society.
Party Wall Awards / Agreements
A Schedule of Condition report records the condition of a building before construction to prevent disputes, while a Party Wall Award protects rights during construction. It outlines obligations and also includes a Schedule of Condition report. The Award is a legal agreement designed to protect the rights of all parties during construction and minimise damage or disruption.

A party wall surveyor provides a specialist role in resolving disputes between neighbours under the Party Wall etc. Act.
Party wall surveyors have a duty to the Act and they resolve matters in dispute in a fair and practical way.
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The 'Party Wall Act etc. 1996' is an enabling piece of legislation, designed to resolve disputes and allow projects to proceed with building works.

Building works which usually fall under the Party Wall Act: building a new wall, rebuilding an existing party wall, excavation/digging for a foundation near a neighbour’s party wall, inserting a steel beam for a loft conversion, chimney breast removal, inserting a damp proof course, etc.

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As highly qualified and experienced Party Wall Surveyors, we possess extensive expertise in handling a wide range of Party Wall matters. Our comprehensive services cover every aspect necessary to provide thorough advice and effective resolution of Party Wall issues. From initial consultations to final resolutions, we offer professional assistance in various areas, including:

  • Awesome Image Preparing and serving valid Party Wall Notices
  • Awesome ImageActing as the Building Owners Party Wall Surveyor
  • Awesome Image Acting as the Adjoining Owners Party Wall Surveyor
  • Awesome Image Acting as the Agreed Party Wall Surveyor
  • Awesome ImageUndertaking and preparing Schedules of Condition
  • Awesome Image Preparation and negotiation of Party Wall Awards

All our Party Wall Surveyors are specialists and work in accordance with the regulations set down by the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors.

The Party Wall Act etc. 1996 is law, failure to comply with this legislation may result in works being unlawful.