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We provide fully qualified and experienced Party Wall Surveyors who work in accordance with The Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors, to help in party wall disputes.

We are able to offer full Party Wall services and are happy to give free and impartial advice with respect to any proposed building works that you or your neighbour may be considering.

We cover every aspect necessary to advise upon and resolve Party Wall issues.

Most importantly we are dedicated to resolving problems between neighbours rather than profiting from a dispute.

An important point to remember is that once a surveyor is appointed under the Act they have a duty to act in an entirely impartial manner. Our goal is to have an equitable outcome for all.


It should be noted that if Notices do not contain all of the necessary information, or are not properly served, they will be invalid.
Section 1 Notice: New build on the line of junction (one month notice)
Section 3 Notice: Party Structure / Party Wall Rebuild (two months notice)
Section 6 Notice: Adjacent Excavation (one month notice)
If all three sections of the Act apply, they should all be served separately.

Party Wall

We will prepare, review and serve a professional and bespoke notice(s) to your neighbour(s) by 1st Class Post or by email.
We will perform Land Registry searches to verify your neighbour(s) identity and address and write to letting agents when required.
We will annotate your designer’s drawings to ensure the notice is valid and for clarity. The Party Wall Act only requires the Notice of Excavation to be accompanied by an explanatory drawing.
We will provide explanatory notes where required.
We will provide a Form of Consent.
We will provide a follow-up “Ten Day Notice” if required.

A Schedule of Condition report (SoC) is a factual record of the condition of a property. A SoC is normally prepared prior to the commencement of adjacent building works. We create a complete record of the condition of the property on a particular date that can be used as a benchmark against which its condition can be assessed in the future and any changes identified. This is to provide evidence of the condition of the neighbouring building/s prior to works beginning. Our party wall surveyors can then undertake a re-inspection of the building and determine whether any damage has occurred and also what repairs should be carried out (if any). Photos are taken at the adjoining property with existing cracks measured and classified by width prior to works commencing.

Party Wall

We will enter and inspect your neighbour’s property before building work commences. We will make notes of the condition and take photos during the inspection. We will provide you and your neighbour with copies of the Schedule of Condition Report and keep a copy on our file.

Building Owner’s Surveyor

Preparing and serving a comprehensive Party Wall Award.
Preparing a Schedule of Condition for one adjoining owner.
Co-ordinate with Adjoining Owner’s Surveyor to select a Third Surveyor.
Drafting, issuing and serving the Party Wall Awards to Building Owner(s)
If there are two surveyors the Party Wall Award is prepared by the building owner’s surveyor and checked and agreed with by the adjoining owner’s surveyor.

Party Wall

Agreed Surveyor

Preparing and serving a Party wall Award with one Adjoining Owner when appointed as the Agreed surveyor.
Appointed by both the Building owner and the Adjoining owner and includes one site visit for the performance of the schedule of condition.
We will prepare and serve Party Wall Awards on the owners.
We’ll enter and inspect your neighbour(s) properties before building work commences.
We’ll make a detailed Schedule of Condition during the inspection.
We’ll provide copies of Party Wall Notice, Consent Form and any drawings to the owners.
We’ll control working days and times and execution of notifiable works.
We’ll control all rights of access for the building works.