Do Party Wall Surveyors resolve boundary disputes?

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No, Party Wall Surveyors do not specifically resolve boundary disputes. It’s important to understand that boundary disputes and party wall matters are separate issues that require different approaches for resolution.

Boundary disputes typically arise when there is disagreement or uncertainty regarding the exact location of a property’s boundary line. These disputes involve determining the rightful owner of a particular piece of land and often require a legal resolution. Resolving boundary disputes usually involves considering historical documents, land registry records, land surveys, and other evidence.

On the other hand, Party Wall Surveyors specialize in matters related to the Party Wall Act. This legislation deals with shared walls, boundaries, and structures between properties that may be affected by construction or renovation works. Party Wall Surveyors assist in facilitating agreements between property owners on matters. Such as building works, rights and obligations, and dispute resolution, as specified by the Party Wall Act.

While a Party Wall Agreement can help establish rights and obligations for construction works adjacent to a party wall or boundary, it does not determine the true boundary line. The agreement focuses on addressing issues related to notifiable works and ensuring that the necessary permissions and procedures are followed.

If you find yourself in a boundary dispute, it is advisable to seek legal advice or consult with a specialist in land disputes or property law. They can help you navigate the complexities of the situation, review relevant documents, and guide you through the appropriate legal channels to resolve the dispute and determine the true boundary line.

Remember, it is essential to separate the resolution of party wall matters from boundary disputes. To ensure a fair and accurate outcome for all parties involved – Part wall Surveyors