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Party wall surveyors – In relation to the matter at hand, I would like to provide an explanation as to why it is preferable to use email and why. If the recipient acknowledges the email, it should be deemed acceptable as a means of service.

In today’s digital age for Party wall surveyors, email has become the predominant mode of communication, supplanting traditional postal services. This shift is reflected in various aspects of our lives, including legal procedures. The Party Wall Act, as cited in the link, recognises email as a valid means of serving notices, irrespective of whether the recipient has explicitly agreed to accept service by email.

Furthermore, the established protocol specifies that service of documents by email is an accepted method. It can only be deemed invalid if there is a prior explicit disallowance with a valid reason. Therefore, if the recipient acknowledges the email containing the notice, it can reasonably be regarded as their acceptance of the Notice and an indication to continue communication via email for Party wall surveyors.

Considering the prevailing global situation, the impact of COVID-19 has further underscored the practicality and effectiveness of email as a means of service. The protocol has adapted to this reality, explicitly accepting email as a valid method of document delivery.

It is important to note that the Civil Procedure Rules were formulated over two decades ago, when email was not as widespread as it is now. Technological advancements have considerably diminished the limitations that once existed. As a result, the vast majority of notices and party wall awards, including those served by surveying firms like ours, are now transmitted via email, unless the recipient specifically requests postal delivery.

In addition to being a more efficient and convenient option, using email aligns with environmentally friendly practices. By reducing paper usage and minimising carbon emissions associated with physical mail transportation for Party wall surveyors.

While the legislation itself has not undergone changes, it is vital to acknowledge the evolving times. In the event that a dispute reaches the court, it is highly likely that a judge would rule in favour of accepting electronic service. Especially if there is no objection or explicit refusal from the recipient.

To summarise, it is evident that using email as a means of service offers numerous advantages. When the recipient acknowledges the email containing the notice, it should be deemed an acceptable method of service. Given the prevalence and acceptance of email communication in modern times.