Do I need a Party Wall Surveyor to Serve a Party Wall Notice?

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While it is not technically mandatory to hire a Party Wall Surveyor to serve a party wall notice. It is highly recommended that you seek professional assistance. This ensures that the party wall notice includes all the necessary information and meets the minimum requirements for validity. Failing to provide a valid notice can potentially invalidate the entire process.

Once the party wall notice is served, the involvement of a surveyor will depend on your neighbour’s response. If your neighbour consents to the proposed works, you may choose to have a surveyor document a schedule of condition for their property. This serves as a precautionary measure to protect the interests of both parties. However, it is important to note that this step is not mandatory.

If your neighbour dissents and disagrees with the proposed works, they have the option to agree to the appointment of a single surveyor, known as the Agreed Surveyor. Alternatively, they can appoint their own party surveyor, and you will also need to hire a surveyor to represent your interests as the building owner.

Having a Party Wall Surveyor on your side can provide valuable expertise and guidance throughout the party wall process. They can ensure that all necessary steps are followed, help mediate between parties. And help facilitate a fair and amicable resolution to any disputes that may arise.

In summary, while it is not a legal requirement to hire a Party Wall Surveyor initially. Seeking professional assistance greatly improves the chances of a smooth and valid process. Additionally, if disputes arise, having a surveyor representing your interests can be beneficial in achieving a satisfactory outcome.