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Useful Party Wall Definitions

Here are some useful party wall definitions commonly used in relation to party wall matters:

1) Party Wall: A wall that separates two adjoining properties and is owned jointly by the owners of the respective properties. It can also refer to a wall that stands astride the boundary line between two properties.

2) Adjoining Owner: The owner(s) of the neighbouring property(s) that shares a party wall or has an adjacent property that may be affected by proposed works.

3) Building Owner: The owner(s) of the property carrying out the construction, renovation, or alteration works that may impact a party wall or neighbouring property.

4) Party Wall Notice: A written notice served by the building owner to the adjoining owner(s) to inform them of the proposed works and their potential impact on the party wall or neighbouring property. It initiates the party wall process and outlines the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved.

5) Party Wall Award: Also known as a Party Wall Agreement, it is a legally binding document prepared by appointed surveyors or an Agreed Surveyor to resolve disputes between the building owner and adjoining owner(s). The award sets out the rights and obligations of all parties regarding the proposed works, access, safeguards, and any necessary compensation or remedies.

6) Line of Junction: The imaginary line that divides the properties of the building owner and the adjoining owner(s) along the boundary where the party wall is located.

7) Notifiable Works: Construction, renovation, or alteration works that fall within the scope of the party wall legislation and require the service of a Party Wall Notice to the adjoining owner(s). This includes activities such as excavation near a party wall, construction of a new wall at the boundary, or cutting into a party wall.

8) Party Fence Wall: A wall that separates the gardens of the building owner and adjoining owner(s) and stands astride the boundary line. It is jointly owned and maintained by the respective owners.

9) Agreed Surveyor: A surveyor appointed jointly by the building owner and the adjoining owner(s) to act as a neutral and impartial party in resolving party wall disputes and preparing a Party Wall Award. This avoids the need for separate surveyors for each party.

10) Party Wall Surveyor: A surveyor appointed by either the building owner or the adjoining owner(s) to represent their interests in party wall matters. They assess the proposed works, mediate disputes, and ensure compliance with the party wall legislation.

It is important to note that these definitions are based on general party wall concepts and may vary slightly depending on the specific legislation in your jurisdiction. It is advisable to consult the relevant party wall legislation or seek professional advice to understand the definitions and requirements specific to your location.