Party Wall Notices: When and How to Serve Them

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If you’re planning construction or renovation works that fall under the scope of the Party Wall Act, serving party wall notices to your affected neighbours is a crucial step in the process. We’ll discuss when and how to serve party wall notices effectively to ensure compliance with the Act and prevent potential disputes.

Party Wall Notices
Party Wall Notices

When to Serve Party Wall Notices

Under the Party Wall Act, you are required to serve formal party wall notices to your affected neighbours before commencing certain types of construction works. The specific circumstances in which notices must be served include:

  1. Building New Walls on or Near the Boundary Line: If you intend to build a new wall on or adjacent to the boundary line between your property and your neighbour’s property, you must serve a party wall notice.
  2. Cutting Into or Carrying Out Work on an Existing Party Wall: If your proposed works involve cutting into or carrying out work on an existing party wall. Such as installing beams or inserting flashing, you must serve a party wall notice.
  3. Excavating Near a Neighbouring Property’s Foundations: If your excavation works are within certain distances of your neighbour’s property. Also could potentially affect their foundations, you must serve a party wall notice.

It’s important to serve party wall notices well in advance of commencing the works. To allow your neighbours sufficient time to respond and raise any concerns or objections they may have.

How to Serve Party Wall Notices

Party wall notices must be served in writing and include specific information as required by the Party Wall Act. The key details to include in your party wall notices are:

  1. Your Name and Address: Clearly identify yourself as the building owner undertaking the works. Provide your contact details for communication purposes.
  2. Description of the Proposed Works: Provide a detailed description of the construction or renovation works you intend to undertake. Including the nature and extent of the works and their potential impact on shared walls or structures.
  3. Notification Period: Specify the period within which your neighbours must respond to the party wall notice. This period is typically set by the Party Wall Act and may vary depending on the type of works proposed.
  4. Party Wall Surveyor Information: If you anticipate that your neighbours may dissent to the proposed works. You should include information about party wall surveyors and their role in resolving disputes under the Party Wall Act.

Once your party wall notices have been prepared, they must be served to all affected neighbours in accordance with the requirements of the Party Wall Act. This may include delivering the notices in person or sending them by registered post to ensure proof of delivery.

By serving party wall notices in a timely and proper manner, you can demonstrate your compliance with the Party Wall Act. Foster positive communication with your neighbours throughout the construction process.