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Party Wall Surveyor: A building owner must comply with the relevant statutory periods specified in the respective Notices before commencing notifiable works. These notice periods are established to allow sufficient time for the adjoining owners. To consider the proposed works and provide their consent. Without the express consent of the adjoining owners, no notifiable works should commence during these notice periods.

Furthermore, if a dispute arises between the building owner and the adjoining owners, the building owner must refrain from commencing notifiable works until the Party Wall Surveyor Award has been served. According to Section 10(17) of the Party Wall Act, there is a 14-day period for either party to appeal against the award in the County Court. It is recommended, although not mandatory, to wait until this period has expired before starting any notifiable works.

Party Wall Surveyors
Party Wall Surveyors

By adhering to these guidelines, the building owner ensures compliance with the Party Wall Surveyor Act. And demonstrates a respect for the rights and concerns of the adjoining owners. It also allows sufficient time for any potential disputes to be resolved or appeals to be made within the designated timeframe.

In summary, it is advisable for a building owner to wait until the relevant notice periods have passed and, if applicable. The Party Wall Surveyor Award has been served and the appeal period has expired before commencing notifiable works. This approach promotes a fair and legally compliant process while minimizing the risk of potential conflicts or legal issues.