What if I cannot reach agreement with my neighbour?

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What if I cannot reach agreement with my neighbour?

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Where the proposed works are minor and/or not intrusive on your building or land, you may
have only minor objections that you cannot agree or perhaps simply want some assurance
that the correct procedures are followed. In these circumstances, and particularly in
residential circumstances where surveyor’s fees would significantly increase the project
costs, the appointment of an agreed party wall surveyor West Wickham to resolve the dispute is preferable, especially
if the proposed surveyor is not involved in your neighbour’s project.
What about access to my property?
Even where you object to what your neighbour is building on his land, it may often be to your
benefit to allow access, for example for scaffolding or to allow pointing of the wall, as the wall
will probably be visually more acceptable if access is given.
As a neighbouring owner, what can I do to guard against the risk that the Building
Owner may leave work unfinished?
If there is a risk that you will be left in difficulties if the Building Owner stops work at an
inconvenient stage, you can request them, before he starts the notified work, to make
available such security as is agreed (or if not agreed determined by the surveyor/s), which
may be money or a bond or insurances, etc. that would allow you to restore the status quo if
he fails to do so.
The money remains the Building Owner’s throughout, but if, for example, you need to have a
wall rebuilt, you, or more commonly the surveyors, can draw on that security to pay for the
rebuilding. This provision is usually reserved for particularly intrusive or complex works.
What can I do if the building becomes unsafe?
Incomplete work may make a building unsafe and therefore dangerous. Any concerns about
dangerous buildings should be raised with the local authority building control department.
Concerns about health and safety may also be raised with the local authority building control
department or the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

What about excessive noise from the work being carried out?
You should contact your local authority environmental department who have powers under
the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Control of Pollution Act 1974 to deal with
matters of noise and other potential nuisance, such as dust and deposits from construction

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